Dieppe, France

Canada Square

* Canada Square

History: Much has been written about the Dieppe Raid. Here is a link to Veterans Affairs Canada. Here is a link to a Wikipedia article.
Location: Square du Canada, Dieppe, France
GPS: 49.925430, 1.070306

Historical Plaque Dieppe Beach RHLI Memorial
* Memorial plaque to Canadian soldiers
killed during raid.
* The beach at Dieppe * RHLI Memorial
Mont Royal Fusiliers Monument Mont Royal Fusiliers Monument
† Monument to Mont Royal Fusiliers. † Mont Royal Fusiliers' Battle Honours

The plaque on the memorial to the RHLI members killed is copied exactly on the Dieppe Monument in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
View the Memorial page for the Dieppe Veterans' Memorial Park, Hamilton, Ontario here.
* CCI Images photographs were taken on a student tour of Europe on 03 August 1964. They were taken with a Rival 35 mm rangefinder camera using Kodak Kodachrome ASA 25 daylight slide film.
† Armchair General Photos images were taken on a student tour in April 1994. They were taken with a 35 mm point and shoot film camera.


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