Hamilton Cemetery

Hamilton Cemetery Sign

Hamilton Cemetery Sign

History: Here is a link to a Wikipedia article about the Hamilton Cemetery.
Location: 777 York Blvd, Hamilton, ON L8R 2A4
GPS: 43.272554, -79.889386

War of 1812 The Hamilton Monument Cross of Sacrifice
Prior to the War of 1812 the land that Hamilton Cemetery now occupies was part of Richard Beasley's farm. Follow this link to view a virtual tour of the Encampment at Burlington Heights.
Here is a slideshow of the War of 1812 features still found in Hamilton Cemetery.
Although it is the first war memorial erected in Hamilton, this monument has been forgotten by most Hamiltonians. It commemorates soldiers from before Confederation, from the Boer War, and from the First World War. Here is an article from The Spectator about the monument. Here is a link to another article about the monument.
Here is a slideshow of the monument.
Hamilton Cemetery is one of many around the world that had a Cross of Sacrifice erected after the First World War. Here is a Wikipedia article about the Cross of Sacrifice.
Here is a slideshow of Hamilton's Cross of Sacrifice.

Mothers, Wives & Children Monument Westinghouse Monument
Apart from our attention to the Silver Cross Mother on Remembrance Day, it is unusual to see much attention paid to the families of those who fought in Canada's wars. Hamilton Cemetery is fortunate to have had a monument erected after the First World War to the Mothers, Wives, and Children of those who fought. Here is an article about this monument.
Here is a slideshow of this monument.
The first Westinghouse manufacturing operation outside of the United States was established in Hamilton, Ontario in 1897 on Sanford Avenue. This marked a new industrial era for Hamilton. It was then incorporated in 1903, (1903-1997). Company founder George Westinghouse set up a factory to build air brakes for the booming rail industry. Eventually the company was producing from its Hamilton plants electric ranges, refrigerators and washing machines. During each of the wars it was also producing guns, ammunition, anti-radar devices and bomb sights. At its peak in 1955, Westinghouse employed 11,000 people in Hamilton (second only to Stelco). Westinghouse in Hamilton was the first company in Canada to manufacture radios (1923) and electric air cleaners (1944). Westinghouse closed its factory in Hamilton in 1997. (Excerpted from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wentworth_Street_(Hamilton,_Ontario) and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economic_history_of_Hamilton,_Ontario).
Here is a slideshow of the Westinghouse Monument.
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