Smith's Knoll Battlefield Cemetery

Saltfleet Cenotaph

Smith's Knoll Monument

History: Smith's Knoll Battlefield Cemetery is part of the National Historic Site for the Battle of Stoney Creek in the War of 1812. The historic site commemorates the Battle of Stoney Creek fought on June 6, 1813. Smith's Knoll, a prominent rise of land northeast of the Gage homestead (Battlefield House Museum), was the site of the decisive engagement during the Battle. Historical accounts of the aftermath of the Battle suggest that soldiers were buried on or around the Knoll in mass graves. Public attention led to the consecration of a "Soldier's Plot" at Smith's Knoll on May 3, 1908. Two years later a large stone cairn topped with a lion was erected on the site as a memorial to fallen British soldiers. In the mid-1950s markers were placed at the Smith's Knoll site, west of the lion monument to commemorate the American soldiers who died during the Battle of Stoney Creek. Finally in 2000, a stone crypt was installed between the marker to commemorate the lives of both the British and American soldiers and to provide a resting place for the over 700 bone fragments unearthed during the 1998/99 archaeological investigation of the Knoll. (Excerpted from
In 2012 a commemorative landscape and labyrinth were created to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812.
Location: 70 King St W, Stoney Creek, ON L8G 1H8
GPS: 43.218542, -79.764369

Flag Historical stone Statue
Union Flag made of stone Historical stone The lion statue
American Commemorative stone Crypt American stone marker
Commemorative stone for American dead Crypt containing remains of British and American soldiers American stone marker
Historical sign Here is a link to a slideshow
of the stones in the labyrinth.
Historical plaque
Sign telling history of the battle.   Historical plaque about the installation of the labyrinth


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