Ernest Norval Almas

24 Mar 1892 - 31 Oct 1917

Country: Canada

Branch: Army

Rank: Lieut.

Comments: Joined the 5th University Corps on enlistment 17 Dec 1915.
Transferred to the P.P.C.L.I., 38th Battalion where he quickly rose through the ranks and
was commissioned Lieutenant 18 May 1917.
He died of wounds received in action 31 Oct 1917.


2nd great grandson of Christopher Almas 3rd cousin 1 x removed of David Almas,
Douglas Almas, and Arthur William Stewart, CD.
Great grand nephew of Adam Bowman Almas, David Almas, Sr., Henry Patrick Almas, and John Baker Almas. 3rd cousin 1 x removed of wife of
William Arthur Purnell, CD.
2nd cousin of Joseph Franklin Almas 3rd cousin 2 x removed of John Purnell
3rd cousin of Robert Joseph James Almas
and Russell Munn Almas
3rd cousin 3 x removed of Rachel Jane Smith and Elizabeth Anne Sneyd.
3rd cousin of wife of Roy Bradt, MM.  



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