John William Eadie

26 Jan 1893 - Unknown

Country: Canada

Branch: Army

Rank: Pte

Comments: Pte John William Eadie served in France for nine months but was wounded 11 May 1917 in the right hand. He was discharged to Canada as being medically unfit.


Uncle of Shaver Eadie 3rd cousin of Leonard Kennedy Rolston.
Brother-in-law of Edward Alexander Syms. Half 3rd cousin 1 x removed of Arthur Maxwell Shaver, Cecil Haggart Shaver, MM, Leslie Arthur Shaver, and Russell Roy Shaver.
1st cousin of Cecil Westbrook Eadie and Reginald Wesbrook Eadie. Half 4th cousin 2 x removed of Elizabeth Anne Sneyd
2nd cousin of Robert John Andrews.  



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