Henry Young

1762 - 1838

Country: Great Britain

Branch: Army

Rank: WO1

Comments: Served as Private in Capt. Peter TenBroeck's Company of Butler's Rangers.
Previous service with the Indian Department

Butler;s Rangers Badge


Son of Johann Adam Young. 4th & 3rd great grand uncle of David Almas, Douglas Almas, and Arthur William Stewart, CD.
Brother of Daniel Young, David Young, and John Young. 4th & 3rd great uncle of wife of William Arthur Purnell, CD.
Uncle of Peter Young. 5th & 4th great grand uncle of John Purnell.
3rd & 2nd great grand uncle of Robert Joseph James Almas and Russell Munn Almas. 6th & 5th great grand uncle of Rachel Jane Smith and Elizabeth Anne Sneyd
3rd & 2nd great grand uncle of wife of Roy Bradt, MM.


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