A D-Day Dodger Picks up the Torch

A D-Day Dodger Picks Up the Torch

A tribute to the Irish Regiment of Canada who fought in the Italian Campaign of World War II, it was painted for a veteran of the Regiment who has since donated it to the Regimental Museum in Sudbury where it is displayed in the Officers’ Mess. The painting was inspired by a photograph in the National Archives of Canada. It is found on page 115 of Jim Lotz’ Canadians at War, which I used as a partial resource for the design of the painting. Although the soldiers in the photograph were members of the Carleton and York Regiment, the soldier in my painting is a member of the Irish Regiment of Canada. The location could be any one of a number of Italian hill towns they fought in. The superimposition of the transparent crosses and poppies of Flanders Fields was completely my idea.

November, 1997, Acrylic on Canvas, 16" x 20", Corporate Collection


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