One Family's Service

In 2005, Canada observed the Year of the Veteran to commemorate those who served in Canadian and Allied forces, particularly during the World Wars and the Korean Conflict. I thought about all the members of my family who served their country at different times. A little bit of time spent with my family tree yielded the following, which has been updated as more information has come to light.
The American Revolution
Almas, Christopher Young, David * (added 2016) Young, Peter * (added 2016)
Young, Johann Adam * (added 2016) Young, Henry * (added 2016)  
Young, Daniel * (added 2016) Young, John * (added 2016)  

The War of 1812
Almas, Adam Bowman (added 2017) Kelly (Kelley), Jonathan Philip (added 2017) Terryberry, William (added 2017)
Almas, David, Sr. (added 2015) Lee, James A. (added 2017) Young, Daniel * (added 2016)
Almas, Henry Patrick (added 2017) Lee, William Samuel (added 2017) Young, Peter * (added 2016)
Almas, John Baker (added 2015) Rymal, Jacob (updated 2015)  
File, Malachi (added 2016) Shaver, Henry (added 2017)  

Upper Canada Rebellion
Phelps, Orson James (added 2015)    

North-West Rebellion
Eadie, Shaver (added 2015)    

First World War
Almas, Ernest Norval (added 2016) Foster, Charles Frederick (added 2012) Shaver, Arthur Maxwell (added 2015)
Almas, Robert Joseph James (updated 2016) Green, Eric Alfred (updated 2015) Shaver, Cecil Haggart, MM (added 2015)
Bradt, Roy, MM (updated 2016) Green, Thomas Harold Shaver, Leslie Arthur (added 2015)
Brown, Harold William Hewson, Charles Douglas (updated 2015) Shaver, Russell Roy (updated 2015)
Eadie, Cecil Westbrook (added 2015) Hewson, Ralph Rowley Sneyd, Howard Nathaniel (updated 2016)
Eadie, John William (added 2017) Pettit, Erle (Earl) Sylvester (updated 2015) Syms, Edward Alexander (added 2017)
Eadie, Reginald Wesbrook (added 2015) Roberts, Walter Andrews (corrected 2015)  
Eadie, Shaver (added 2015) Rolston, Leonard Kennedy (added 2017)  

Second World War
Almas, David (updated 2016) Foster, Clarence William Alfred (updated 2012) Pettit, James Irving (updated 2016)
Almas, Douglas (updated 2016) Foster, Gordon Basil (added 2012) Porter, Frank Ferrier (added 2015)
Almas, Russell Munn (updated 2016) Foster, Stanley James (added 2012) Purnell, William Arthur, CD (updated 2016)
Andrews, Robert John (added 2017) Green, Elizabeth Maud (nee Brown) Smith, Norman Owen (added 2016)
Brown, Eileen Betty Green, Joyce Clare Sneyd, Herbert Bouton (updated 2016)
Brown, Gordon (updated 2012) Green, Thomas Harold Sneyd, Robert F., CD (updated 2016)
Brown, Florence Maud "Julie" Hewson, William Henry (added 2016) Stewart, Arthur William, CD (updated 2014)
Brown, Ernest C., OBE,ED,CD Ingleson, George Watson, Sidney Russell (added 2015)
Brown, Jean Kirk, Harry  
Foster, Charles Frederick (added 2012) Kirk, James Stewart  

Korean War
Sneyd, Nathaniel Lee (added 2016)    

Cold War
Brown, Ernest C., OBE, ED, CD Purnell, William Arthur, CD (updated 2016) Sneyd, Robert F., CD (updated 2016)
Ingleson, George Purnell, John (updated 2016) Stewart, Arthur William, CD (updated 2016)

Post-Cold War
Dieter, Steven Edward, CD (updated 2013) Smith, Rachel Jane (updated 2016) Sneyd, Elizabeth Anne (updated 2016)

* Relationships with the Young family members are shown with two degrees, e.g., 6th & 5th great grandfather, because descent came through the marriage of first cousins 1 x removed.


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