First World War  

Almas, Ernest Norval Eadie, Shaver Rolston, Leonard Kennedy
Almas, Joseph Franklin File, Robert Harold Shaver, Arthur Maxwell
Almas, Robert Joseph James Foster, Charles Frederick Shaver, Cecil Haggart
Bradt, Roy Green, Eric Alfred Shaver, Floyd Day
Brown, Albert Edward Green, Thomas Harold Shaver, Leslie Arthur
Brown, Ernest Victor Hewson, Charles Douglas Shaver, Russell Roy
Brown, Frederick James Hewson, Ralph Rowley Sneyd, Howard Nathaniel
Brown, Harold Wallace Hilliar, Charles George Syms, Edward Alexander
Brown, Horace George Lockington, George Terryberry, George
Brown, William Walter Lockington, William Edward Terryberry, Harry
Eadie, Cecil Wesbrook Pettit, Erle Sylvester Terryberry, Henry Roy
Eadie, John William Piett, Walter Leslie Terryberry, Robert
Eadie, Reginald Wesbrook Roberts, Walter Andrews Young, Ira Frederick

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