C&I Military Genealogy

C&I Military Genealogy

  Are you interested in finding out more about your family`s military history? We can help!

C&I Military Genealogy are a Canadian team of genealogists who have specialized in military research on numerous individuals for about 20 years.

Our research has taken us from Colonial era North America to those serving in the present day military in Canada, the UK, and the US. Click on the following links to see examples of our research.

Published Articles:
The Buchan Boys Go to War (The Maple Leaf, Vol. 30, Winter 2017)
He had been in France only sixteen days (The Maple Leaf, Vol. 33, Fall 2018)
Documenting how Hamilton remembers: Project to photograph Memorial School grows to include 60 monuments (The Maple Leaf, Vol. 34, Winter 2019)
Faithfull & MacDonald - Two Lieutenants of the 75th Battalion (The Maple Leaf, in press)

Reports on Individuals:
F/O Norman Owen Smith

Reports to Organizations:
Report on the Pioneer Cemetery Entrusted to the Care of the Anglican Church of the Resurrection Hamilton, Commonly Known as "The Hess Family Cemetery" and Supplementary Report

We are members of the Western Front Association (UK & Canada ). This organization was founded in Britain in the 1980s to commemorate the dead from all sides who fought on the Western Front during the First World War. Please note that our research is conducted independantly from this body and we are not beholden to it for support, financial or otherwise.

Our rates are comparable to those of other research bodies and are available on request.

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