2023 Works

Clare had a challenging year artistically in 2023 due to health and vision issues. Despite that she remained creative.

Click on the thumbnails below to open the pages. The paintings and poems are shown in the order in which they were created.


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Post-op July Weather Remembrance Week  
Link to "Green Lake, Whistler, BC" Link to "Fancy Flags" Link to "Forget-Me-Nots" Link to "Abstract Print Number 1"
Green Lake, Whistler, BC Fancy Flags Forget-Me-Nots Abstract Print Number 1
Link to "Abstract Print Number 2" Link to "Hydrangea" Link to "Purple Flowers" Link to "Sketch, Selkirk Park"
Abstract Print Number 2 Hydrangea Purple Flowers Sketch, Selkirk Park
Link to "Sketch, Old Fort Erie" Link to "Sketch, Fort Niagara" Link to "Sketch, Hamilton Harbour from Harvey Park" Link to "Hic Sunt Dracones Brumae"
Sketch, Old Fort Erie Sketch, Fort Niagara Sketch, Hamilton Harbour from Harvey Park Hic Sunt Dracones Brumae
Link to "Manatees in Space or Wendells Fly to the Stars" Link to "Three Mums" Link to "Fall" Link to "Fall Crazy Quilt"
Manatees in Space or Wendells Fly to the Stars Three Mums Fall Fall Crazy Quilt
Link to "A Life Ripped Apart" Link to "Autumn Landscape" Link to "Glad Tidings" Link to "Smash Paintings 1 & 2"
A Life Ripped Apart Autumn Landscape Glad Tidings Smash Paintings 1 & 2



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