Pandemic Paintings

As have many other people I have found that the COVID-19 pandemic and confinement to home have given me an opportunity to spend more time painting. This show contains works created between the beginning of April and the beginning of August 2020.

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Link to "Colour Containment I, II, & III" Link to "New (Still) LifeD" Link to "Fiat Lux XVIII: Study in Eights" Link to "Oranges"
Colour Containment I, II, & III New (Still) Life Fiat Lux XVIII: Study in Eights Oranges
Link to "Violet & Forget-me-not" Link to "The Three Sisters, No. 1" Link to "Solomon Seal" Link to "The Three Sisters, No. 2"
Violet & Forget-me-not The Three Sisters, No. 1 Solomon Seal The Three Sisters, No. 2
Link to "The Three Sisters, No. 3" Link to "Algonquin Skies" Link to "4 x 4 Lines" Link to "The Three Sisters, No. 4"
The Three Sisters, No. 3 Algonquin Skies 4 x 4 Lines The Three Sisters, No. 4




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