Francis Exton Lennard, M.P.

Francis Exton Lennard

24 Apr 1892 - 25 Feb 1973

Nationality: Canadian
Country of Service: Canada
Branch of Service: Army; Parliament of Canada
Unit: 77th Battalion, 1st Division CEF; Parliament of Canada
Final Rank: Lt; MP
Dates Served: 22 Sep 1914 - 11 Dec 1914; Oct 1935 - Mar 1940; Jun 1945 - Apr 1962
Where Served: England, Canada
Comments: In December 1914 he was struck off strength and returned to Canada as a Surplus Officer. He served in the 18th and 20th - 24th parliaments as a Conservative M.P.
Here is a link to Francis Exton Lennard's service file   Here is a link to the Parliament of Canada's biography of Francis Exton Lennard

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