Floyd Day Shaver

Floyd Day Shaver

9 Jul 1884 - 12 Jun 1964

Nationality: Canadian
Country of Service: Canada
Branch of Service: Army
Unit: Militia: 2nd Battalion, Queens Own Rifles of Canada; 38th Regiment, Dufferin Rifles of Canada; 96th Lake Superior Regiment
First World War: Canadian Army Service Corps; Canadian Army Veterinary Corps
Final Rank: Militia: Private
First World War: Captain
Dates Served: Militia: dates unknown
First World War: 23 Sept 1915 - 31 Oct 1917
Where Served: England
Comments: Joined The Canadian Army Veterinary Corps in 1915, and was released in 1917 to resume his prewar occupation as a Civil Servant.
Name brought to notice of the Secretary of State for War for valuable services rendered in connection with the War. This is the non-combat equivalent of being Mentioned in Dispatches.
Here is a copy of Floyd Day Shaver's service file.   Citation Card
    Floyd Day Shaver's Citation Card

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