One Family's Service

About the project: In 2005, Canada observed the Year of the Veteran to commemorate those who served in Canadian and Allied forces, particularly during the World Wars and the Korean Conflict. A search of the Stewart-Sneyd family tree yielded the following. Changes are made and new pages are added as more information has come to light.
Click on a time-period below to see a list of our family members who served then and follow links to their individual pages.
Pre-19th Century

Colonial Era
American Revolution
1800 - 1898

The War of 1812
1837 - 1838 Rebellion
Fenian Raids
North-West Rebellion
Militia or Territorial Service
Naval Service
South African War - Cold War

Boer War
Full Time Service During Peacetime
Militia or Territorial Service
First World War
Second World War
Korean War
Cold War
Post-Cold War

Post-Cold War

Here is an alphabetical list of Those Who Served.

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