Johann Hartmann Windecker

05 Nov 1676 - 28 Mar 1754

Nationality: German/British
Country of Service: United Kingdom
Branch of Service: Army
Unit: Captain Windecker's Company, Palatine Volunteers for the Expedition Against Canada, 1711
Final Rank: Captain
Dates Served: 1711
Where Served: New York
Comments: Johann Hartmann Windecker was a German immigrant to the British Colonies in North America in 1709 after fleeing to England with his family from the continuous military requisitions, widespread devastation, and famine in the Palatinate at the beginning of the 18th Century. He was a leader of his community and in 1711 formed a company of Militia, consisting of 250 men, women, and children, to assist in the abortive invasion of French Canada. Here is a link to a Canadian Military History Gateway article about the failed invasion.
  Here is a copy of the Report of the State Historian with a list of the men in Captain Windecker's Company.  

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